Study on substitution of 4% enramycin by hydrolytic tannic acid in broiler feed

Objective: compared with 4% enramycin, to study the effects of different levels of coated hydrolyzed tannic acid on broiler performance, antioxidant performance and intestinal development.

Experimental unit: School of animal science and technology, Shandong  Agricultural University

Substitutive product: Hydrolyzed tannic acid

Experiment design: this experiment adopts the single factor experiment design, selects 200 healthy and even weight 1-day-old aibuyijia (AA) broilers, half male and half female, randomly divided into 5 treatments, each treatment has 5 repetitions, each repetition has 8 chickens.

Test conclusion:

1. Adding hydrolytic tannic acid to the diet can improve the daily gain of broilers, reduce the feed to weight ratio, and improve the performance of broilers.

2. Adding hydrolytic tannic acid to the diet can improve the slaughter rate and full bore rate of broilers.

3. The thymus index, spleen index and antioxidant capacity of broilers can be improved by adding the coated hydrolytic tannic acid in the diet, so as to better maintain the health of broilers.

4. The activity of lipase and amylase in duodenum and the quantity of lactobacilli can be increased by adding coated hydrolytic tannic acid to the diet, so as to promote the digestion and absorption ability of the body and better maintain the intestinal health.

5. According to the data of five treatments, the best effect is to substitute 150g / T enramycin (4%) in broiler feed, followed by 600g / T hydrolyzed tannic acid and 200g / T hydrolyzed tannic acid.

Post time: Nov-15-2019